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Blink Security Services

It is known that nowadays Pakistan is identified as a potential terrorist target. Terrorist groups are not only targeting the infrastructures, VIPs, their representatives, and officials but also specifically targeting private companies and corporations, business executives, celebrities, and other prominent personalities.

Blink Security (SMC-Pvt) Ltd has a number of Exclusive Security Services to provide high-level protection keeping the following in the forefront:

  • The increase in premeditated violent attacks targeting private companies and corporations.
  • The increase in kidnapping and abductions of corporate executives, dignitaries, VIPs, and other important personalities and their families.
  • The increase in serious assaults and gang-related violence targeting individuals.
  • The increase in stalking and harassment of Media personalities, Celebrities, Sporting identities, and their families.
  • The increase in serious violent attacks targeting regular CEOs, Executives, Ethnic & Religious Leaders, and their families.
  • The increase in kidnappings, abductions, and terrorist groups targeting citizens while traveling and conducting business across the country.

While maintaining unmatched professionalism, we provide the following security services:

Security Consultancy

  • Security Surveys
  • Threat Analysis
  • Security Planning
  • Security Deployment Plan
  • Security Investigation
  • Safety and Security
  • Management Training


  • High-Risk Facility Security
  • High-Risk Witness Protection & Relocation
  • Emergency Evacuation

Security Guarding

  • In-House Security Guards
  • Premises Security
  • Executive / VIP & Celebrity Protection
  • Family Protection
  • Mobile Escorts / Bodyguards
  • Community Protection

Estate Security



Function & Event Security

  • Traffic Control Group:
    a. Traffic Control Team
    b. Valet Parking Team
  • Access Control Group
  • Outer and inner parameter Security Groups
  • Mobile Link Patrols

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